Be Patient

Patience is something you cannot afford to ignore in your life. Patience needs to be present in your education, job, company, investments, and family.

Many of us confuse patience with complacency, and it’s not the same. You want to be patient while training yourself to do a better job, start and grow a company, save and invest, etc. but you cannot, and should not, be complacent. I myself, I’m learning to be more patient with my goals by being focused and changing my habits.

Set specific goals and get to them, one at a time. Be patient. Complete your goals, and then enjoy those achievements. Appreciating and learning to enjoy what we already have is key. Being patient does not mean you have to wait and live your life in the future. It just means that you have to be OK with waiting to see your hard work and investment results.

Having patience doesn’t mean to wait for retirement to do something you really like. Patience means to do what you really like and maybe wait to get a financial benefit from doing that.

Financial compensation is something we all look for, but it’s not the only benefit or joy in life. Learn to have enough to cover your bases like food and shelter, and leave some more to save and invest. You can enjoy time off, vacation, travel, and you can smile and be happy today. It’s possible if you change your priorities and expectations. Besides, we know what today looks like, we can do something about it today, but the future is often different from what we imagine today.

If you are looking for something greater or anything you cannot accomplish today, plan for it, set a date, and wait. Be patient. Be happy. Smile.

It’s Your Choice

Reading this blog post is a choice, everything around you is the result of the decisions you’ve made during your life. Yes, there is luck, and faith, and karma, and many other things that many of us believe on, but in the end, it is our choices and those of the people around us that make our lives the way they are.
So you want to be a software engineer? What choices are you making today to make it happen? Are you in school studying computer science? Are you learning by coding a simple project, or perhaps learning the basics online at Codecademy or Udacity, or Girls Who Code or Code among many others. I believe reaching your goals is all about making multiple tiny choices as you go along.
Do you want to be an entrepreneur? It is your choice, just do it (please don’t sue me Nike). Do not say you want to be an entrepreneur, start a company and then complain about not having time, or the necessary resources, or the connections or a great idea. Don’t wait for the perfect time, or the ideal partner or an excellent idea, go ahead and try it today. If you still think is not possible then all you are doing is choosing not to be an entrepreneur.
Do you want to help people in need, volunteering at a local charity or something similar? That is great! All you have to do now is choose to help and make something happen. Choose not to think of the many excuses out there and instead choose to participate in a charity or similar organization where you can help with your time, money, skills or any combination of these. Just do it.
The next time you think of something that you want to accomplish, not just think about it but do something about it. Doing something, anything that might help you get closer to your goal helps, and avoid any possible excuse you will undoubtedly use to convince yourself why your dream is not possible, it is your choice, make it happen.