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They are destroying democracy.They are destroying the middle class in this country.They are racists.They are the ones who separated immigrant families and kept children in cages.They are the reason why we have Trump as President.They are the reason why we have a septuagenarian as the President, again.They don’t believe in social programs such as free…

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I am thankful. But there is something special about this time of the year, the warm colors, the reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves, the colder temperatures, it’s all perfect to feel the beauty and experience of nature but also our vulnerability to it. I am thankful I can experience this. This year has…

Fall leaves on train tracks

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Be Patient

Patience is something you cannot afford to ignore in your life. Patience needs to be present in your education, job, company, investments, and family. Many of us confuse patience with complacency, and it’s not the same. You want to be patient while training yourself to do a better job, start and grow a company, save…

An image showing the sunset over a corn field

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